Below is the service introduction of our factory,

1. Engineering & Development
2. CNC Prototype/machining both for metal and plastic
3. Plastic injection mould for cold runner and hot runner
4. Silicone/rubber mould
5. Laser cutting
6. Sheetmetal fabrication
7. Aluminium/Zinc alloy die casting
8. Finished product assembly
9. IML / IMD
SMARTMOLDTECH was established in 1995. The factory is located in Daling Mountain, Dongguan. It covers 10000 m2 and we have 150 employees. SMARTMOLDTECH is a leading manufacturer dedicated to mechanical engineering, CNC prototype, CNC machining, injection molding, aluminum/zinc alloy die casting, sheet-metal stamping, laser cutting and bending and finished product assembly. Our product cover the fields of auto parts, new energy battery parts, machinery parts, auto LED light and accessories, music stand and retail equipment, communications electronics product, medical equipment, industrial product, household appliance and fitness equipment etc. Over last 20 years, we have supplied services for many clients such as Legrand,lntel, Motorola, etc. all over the world.

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