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The technology involved in Rapid Prototyping processes still captivates people, and it is as easy today as it was ten years ago to become overly interested in the how rather than focusing on the deliverable benefit.

Stereolithography was initially a solution looking for a problem. People had never been able to go from CAD to part in such a timeframe and as such few realised that they even needed to. The benefit emerged with time and with it, the focus on time to market.

Today we take many of these additive processes for granted within the design process; they have become tools of the trade. However, the future is bringing new solutions, as radical as Stereolithography was at the outset, to facilitate new concepts and their manufacture.

This is Smartprototype 'home turf', identifying and pioneering the adoption of new processes and techniques. Thus if you are looking for a solution, or have a solution looking for a problem, contact  we may well have the link you need.

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