We are also a professional one-stop R&D engineering service provider, not only we were formed by a group of people who owned many years of practical R&D and manufacturing experience, but also we have the resource of special equipments and instruments for prototype PCBA making , testing  and analyzing, product mechanical-structure prototype and tooling service, this will be a great help for your R&D departments, and increase the speed and effectivity for your new product development. Our service includes Product  R&D prototype engineering service and added-value R&D engineering service.

     Products change much more frequently than before with the competition increasing, if you want to make your product be unique and attraction,we are the best parterner for you.  We respect customers’ technology authorization and the technical data will be strictly kept confidential, our service will be a true-value for you .we locate in Hongkong and Guangdong province ,PRC, supported by the convenient freight transportation express system, we can provide the service to customers around the world.

Product R&D prototype engineering service includes:

1.PCB Assembly(PCBA) prototype engineering sample service.
2.RF-circuit Impedence matching service.
3.Tailor-made PCBA Testing Jig sevice.
4.Product mechanical-structure prototype engineering sampling service.
5.Products & Components sourcing service.

Added-value R&D Engineering Service capacity:


1.Product ID and mechanical structure design / tooling service.
2.Micro-controller circuit design (firmware and hardware ).
3.Universal wireless RF (2.4GHz,900MHz) remote control circuit design.
4.Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low energy (BLE) solution (Bluetooth 4.0).
5.Product ODM(Original Design Manufacturing) service.

(1)PCB Assembly prototype engineering sample service.

    Engineers with many years of practical experience in PCB circuit design and manufacturing will give you professional service for your R&D prototype PCBA sample,and greatly save the timing for products development.

(2)RF-circuit Impedence matching service.
     Professional RF and network analyzing equipments help you to get the perfect impedance-matching parameters for your RF circuit.

(3)Tailor-made PCBA Testing Jig sevice.
     Testing Jip is a must tool for batch production of PCBA. We can provide the profession Tesing Jig tailor-made for your PCBA.

(4)Product mechanical-structure prototype engineering sampling sevice.
     Products mechanical-structure prototype samples are always necessary during the products developments stage , we can provide the professional sevice for this area too.

(5)Products & components sourcing service .
     With our rich experience in this field ,we can provide sourcing service for your interested products or electronic components by small or large batch in China with good price.

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