Russian customer visited our factory

Today, Russian customers came to our factory and visited our various departments.

We showcased our capabilities in producing high-precision plastic components, highlighting the efficiency and accuracy of our injection molding process. Our guests were particularly impressed with the automated systems that ensure consistent quality and high output rates.

They visited our CNC machining center, dust-free injection molding workshop, mold room, assembly workshop, and die-casting workshop in detail.

They are full of praise for the dust-free workshop.


Then in the conference room, we specifically discussed their Drones project, from project plan, mold design, mass production requirements, assembly requirements, etc., they were very satisfied.

As part of our commitment to innovation, we introduced our guests to some of the latest advancements in manufacturing technology that we have integrated into our processes. From automation and robotics to advanced materials and sustainable practices, we demonstrated how we are continually evolving to meet the changing demands of the industry. Our Russian clients expressed keen interest in these innovations, recognizing the potential for enhanced efficiency and competitiveness.

Finally, Jussia said he would come to our factory more often to work on more projects together.


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