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Air purifier working principal

Indoor air pollutants includes particulate matter, kitchen exhaust, bacteria, dust, smoke, pet dander etc.. That actually is very simple, air cleaner just captures these articles and adhere these substance when they going through the filter. As a result, they get stuck and pure air comes out. The conception of cleaning the air has advantages, while the air inside is generally dirtier than the air outside; the reason is that indoor circumstance sometimes can become a source of air contaminants. Moistures can leads to the development of mould spores. So it is very important to take all these factors into consideration when designing the air purifier.

Four kinds of technologies typically applied in air purifier

 1. Acticarbon adhesion technology

As the most common cleaning technology, acticarbon has been used widely in a variety of territory, such as medical, chemical, food processing etc. Because of its powerful adhesive capability, it is the first choice for most air purifier in the market. The disadvantage is that you must replace the old filter with a new one after a period of time.

2. negative oxygen ion technology

It sounds like weird, right? But it is a common technology as well. We all have the experience; air is fresh after a shower or rain, especially one day with the thunder and lightning. It is because the negative oxygen ion enrich after raining. Nowadays it is a mature technology and it is also widely used. Negative oxygen ion works specially very well for smoke and the ozone generated by the purifier can kill the bacterial and virus in the air.

3. Molecule complexion technology

This is the known best technology for indoor pollution after interior decoration. The principal is to collect and capture all the formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia in the air and chemical react with the complexion substance to leads to the compound deposit, and this process is irreversible. So if you market is aiming at the interior decoration, this technology should be your first choice. Please note the filter should be replaced periodically, especially for the new house. In the design stage, please calculate and test in the laboratory on the lifespan based on different occasion.

4. Dust precipitating & HEPA filter technology.

Dust precipitating technology, the principal is to make use of the high - voltage electrostatic system and clean the particles and dust etc. in the air. Low power and high efficacy are the outstanding advantages of this technology; most particles with the diameters during 0.01-50μm can be removed completely. Most name-branded air purifiers such as Philips all adapt this kind of technology. One of the most important advantages is that the filter can be re-used after cleaning. While it is has little effect on interior decoration. When I say little effect, I mean it does not work!  HEPA filter is universally acknowledged the best material on filtering. The effect of the filter is in proportion to the area, actual area can be 10 times bigger after expanding than the origin. While the filter maybe too expensive for the replacement in the afterwards maintenance.We suggest you combine these different technologies into together in the design stage.

Our Experience | OEM ODM

So far, together with our customers both domestically and abroad, we have developed a variety of air purifiers which have gained great success in Amazon and Ebay. The income of air cleaners has been 20% of the whole 2016 factory turnover. Whatever acting as a OEM or ODM, we are a good choice to promote your business. Our reliability and dependability make us the selection of many leading companies that works in extreme conditions.

MAX 1200T Injection Machines

800T,1000T,1200T injection machines in our factory are the insurances of the quality and delivery of the plastic parts.

10 non-dust Assembly Lines

Assembly, Quality Control and Packaging can be done in our non-dust assembly plant with high efficiency. There are over 10 assembly lines here.

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